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Batteries included

Shipped with a production-grade web server built on top of Caddy: automatic HTTPS, HTTP/2, HTTP/3, advanced logging, zstd and gzip compression...

Worker mode

Boot your application once and keep it in memory! It is ready to handle incoming requests in a few milliseconds. FrankenPHP relies on Go's iconic feature: goroutines!

Only one service

FrankenPHP has been designed with simplicity in mind: only one service, only one binary! FrankenPHP doesn't need PHP-FPM, it uses its own SAPI specially handcrafted for Go web servers.

Easy deploy

FrankenPHP is a Cloud Native application shipped as a ready-to-use single Docker image. It is compatible with Kubernetes and all modern cloud platforms. If you don't want to use Docker, it's also supported.

103 Early Hints

Early Hints are a brand new feature of the web platform that can improve website load times by 30%. FrankenPHP is the only PHP SAPI with Early Hints support!


FrankenPHP has a built-in Mercure hub. Send events from your PHP apps to all connected browsers, they instantly receive the payload as a JavaScript event!