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# Compiling PHP

# With Docker (Linux)

Build the dev Docker image:

docker build -t frankenphp-dev -f dev.Dockerfile .
docker run --cap-add=SYS_PTRACE --security-opt seccomp=unconfined -p 8080:8080 -p 443:443 -p 443:443/udp -v $PWD:/go/src/app -it frankenphp-dev

The image contains the usual development tools (Go, GDB, Valgrind, Neovim…).

If docker version is lower than 23.0, build is failed by dockerignore pattern issue. Add directories to .dockerignore.


# Without Docker (Linux and macOS)

Follow the instructions to compile from sources and pass the --debug configuration flag.

# Running the test suite

go test -race -v ./...

# Caddy module

Build Caddy with the FrankenPHP Caddy module:

cd caddy/frankenphp/
go build
cd ../../

Run the Caddy with the FrankenPHP Caddy module:

cd testdata/
../caddy/frankenphp/frankenphp run

The server is listening on

curl -vk https://localhost/phpinfo.php

# Minimal test server

Build the minimal test server:

cd internal/testserver/
go build
cd ../../

Run the test server:

cd testdata/

The server is listening on

curl -v

# Building Docker Images Locally

Print bake plan:

docker buildx bake -f docker-bake.hcl --print

Build FrankenPHP images for amd64 locally:

docker buildx bake -f docker-bake.hcl --pull --load --set "*.platform=linux/amd64"

Build FrankenPHP images for arm64 locally:

docker buildx bake -f docker-bake.hcl --pull --load --set "*.platform=linux/arm64"

Build FrankenPHP images from scratch for arm64 & amd64 and push to Docker Hub:

docker buildx bake -f docker-bake.hcl --pull --no-cache --push

# Debugging Segmentation Faults With Static Builds

  1. Download the debug version of the FrankenPHP binary from GitHub or create your custom static build including debug symbols:

    docker buildx bake \
        --load \
        --set static-builder.args.DEBUG_SYMBOLS=1 \
        --set "static-builder.platform=linux/amd64" \
    docker cp $(docker create --name static-builder dunglas/frankenphp:static-builder):/go/src/app/dist/frankenphp-linux-$(uname -m) frankenphp
  2. Replace your current version of frankenphp by the debug FrankenPHP executable

  3. Start FrankenPHP as usual (alternatively, you can directly start FrankenPHP with GDB: gdb --args ./frankenphp run)

  4. Attach to the process with GDB:

    gdb -p `pidof frankenphp`
  5. If necessary, type continue in the GDB shell

  6. Make FrankenPHP crash

  7. Type bt in the GDB shell

  8. Copy the output

# Debugging Segmentation Faults in GitHub Actions

  1. Open .github/workflows/tests.yml

  2. Enable PHP debug symbols

        - uses: shivammathur/setup-php@v2
          # ...
            phpts: ts
    +       debug: true
  3. Enable tmate to connect to the container

          name: Set CGO flags
          run: echo "CGO_CFLAGS=$(php-config --includes)" >> "$GITHUB_ENV"
    +   -
    +     run: |
    +       sudo apt install gdb
    +       mkdir -p /home/runner/.config/gdb/
    +       printf "set auto-load safe-path /\nhandle SIG34 nostop noprint pass" > /home/runner/.config/gdb/gdbinit
    +   -
    +     uses: mxschmitt/action-tmate@v3
  4. Connect to the container

  5. Open frankenphp.go

  6. Enable cgosymbolizer

    -	//_ "github.com/ianlancetaylor/cgosymbolizer"
    +	_ "github.com/ianlancetaylor/cgosymbolizer"
  7. Download the module: go get

  8. In the container, you can use GDB and the like:

    go test -c -ldflags=-w
    gdb --args ./frankenphp.test -test.run ^MyTest$
  9. When the bug is fixed, revert all these changes

# Misc Dev Resources

# Docker-Related Resources

# Useful Command

apk add strace util-linux gdb
strace -e 'trace=!futex,epoll_ctl,epoll_pwait,tgkill,rt_sigreturn' -p 1

# Translating the Documentation

To translate the documentation and the site in a new language, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new directory named with the language’s 2-character ISO code in this repository’s docs/ directory
  2. Copy all the .md files in the root of the docs/ directory into the new directory (always use the English version as source for translation, as it’s always up to date)
  3. Copy the README.md and CONTRIBUTING.md files from the root directory to the new directory
  4. Translate the content of the files, but don’t change the filenames, also don’t translates strings starting with > [! (it’s special markup for GitHub)
  5. Create a Pull Request with the translations
  6. In the site repository, copy and translate the translation files in the content/, data/ and i18n/ directories
  7. Translate the values in the created YAML file
  8. Open a Pull Request on the site repository
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