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# Docker

Serving a Laravel web application with FrankenPHP is as easy as mounting the project in the /app directory of the official Docker image.

Run this command from the main directory of your Laravel app:

docker run -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 443:443/udp -v $PWD:/app dunglas/frankenphp

And enjoy!

# Local Installation

Alternatively, you can run your Laravel projects with FrankenPHP from your local machine:

  1. Download the binary corresponding to your system

  2. Add the following configuration to a file named Caddyfile in the root directory of your Laravel project:

    	order php_server before file_server
    # The domain name of your server
    localhost {
    	# Set the webroot to the public/ directory
    	root * public/
    	# Enable compression (optional)
    	encode zstd br gzip
    	# Execute PHP files from the public/ directory and serve assets
  3. Start FrankenPHP from the root directory of your Laravel project: ./frankenphp run

# Laravel Octane

Octane may be installed via the Composer package manager:

composer require laravel/octane

After installing Octane, you may execute the octane:install Artisan command, which will install Octane’s configuration file into your application:

php artisan octane:install --server=frankenphp

The Octane server can be started via the octane:start Artisan command.

php artisan octane:start

The octane:start command can take the following options:

  • --host: The IP address the server should bind to (default:
  • --port: The port the server should be available on (default: 8000)
  • --admin-port: The port the admin server should be available on (default: 2019)
  • --workers: The number of workers that should be available to handle requests (default: auto)
  • --max-requests: The number of requests to process before reloading the server (default: 500)
  • --caddyfile: The path to the FrankenPHP Caddyfile file
  • --https: Enable HTTPS, HTTP/2, and HTTP/3, and automatically generate and renew certificates
  • --http-redirect: Enable HTTP to HTTPS redirection (only enabled if –https is passed)
  • --watch: Automatically reload the server when the application is modified
  • --poll: Use file system polling while watching in order to watch files over a network
  • --log-level: Log messages at or above the specified log level

Learn more about Laravel Octane in its official documentation.

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